Log Management and Analysis Service

Welcome to Logentries, a log management and analysis service. We are a hot new start up incorporated in 2010.

The story begun in 2008 when I joined the Performance engineering group in University College Dublin to work on a project with IBM. The project was aimed at developing tools for systems testers and was led by a colleague Trevor Parsons (now co-founder) and prof. John Murphy.

My sub-project was called the Run-Time Correlation Engine. It collects, normalizes, correlates, and presents log events in a convenient way for system testers. As it appeared to be fairly useful, we decided to develop a cloud based log management and analysis engine in 2010 as a general service available to the masses and (not only to) cloud systems.

We hope you like it 🙂

Viliam is a co-founder and in a position that could be called CTO.

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