Log Analysis for Containers



The IT and DevOps world has come a long way with infrastructure.

Virtualization revolutionized our ability to quickly deploy an application and scale up services when needed, paying only for the computing power used. Over the last few years, agile methodologies and continuous delivery have pushed VMs to their limits. Many teams still repeatedly use a single VM for releases and testing. Production VMs rarely change unless something goes seriously wrong. At the pace software development is moving today, VMs can still be hard to obtain, provision, and share, and thus represent a bottleneck.

But, in the modern software delivery chain, infrastructure needs to be as easy to create and share as a digital document.

This is where container technology has come in and is taking the next step. With just a few commands, you can create an image, provision it and run it as a container. Containers are more compact than VMs and can be run anywhere without being tied to a hypervisor or cloud. Containers can even run on bare metal, offering even greater efficiency than VMs.

Now that container technology is here to stay, how can you leverage its benefits and prepare your environment to support it?

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