How to Compare Google Compute Engine & AWS EC2

Comparing Google Compute Engine & AWS EC2

Which Virtual Machine is Best: Google’s Compute Engine or Amazon’s EC2? It Depends.

The Internet might seem like a Wild West of chaotic connections because it often is. Companies like Google and Amazon have
been managing to create order out of the chaos for years by understanding the nature of the World Wide Web. Within the last 10 years, Google and Amazon have leveraged that understanding into a robust suite of product offerings in the field of Infrastructure-as-a- Service, or IaaS.

The cornerstone of IaaS is the virtual machines that customers can use to virtualize servers. How do you choose between these two experienced giants when the time comes for your organization to start using Cloud-based virtual machines? Both are excellent at what they do and have brought significant experience to their offerings.

The answer is, “It Depends”. There is no wrong choice to be made; but that is not to say they are identical. This article will talk about the similarities and differences between them to help you decide which provider to use.

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