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Logging in a Software Defined Network

This blog will give an overview of Software Defined Networks (SDN), present some suggestions for logging in an SDN and finally present an overview of some research work we are doing on SDN logging.
If we consider a Software… Read More

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Raspberry Pi, Logs and IoT – Sending Pi Log and Sensor data to Logentries

In the previous blog post we learned how to send IoT data from the TI CC 2650 SensorTag to Logentries using Node-Red and directly using Linux. This Blog will show how to send data from a Raspberry Pi device to… Read More

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MongoDB Log Analytics

MongoDB 3.0 is now available! If you are new to MongoDB or upgrading from 2.6, you will enjoy all of the new features including document-level locking, better write performance, big memory support, and more. Additionally, to improve usability of the… Read More

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Getting Started with the Logentries & Logstash Integration

Logstash is an open source tool for managing events and logs. It is used to collect, search and store logs for later use. If you are using Logstash to collect logs from across your infrastructure already, and you are looking… Read More

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Fastly Community Pack: Understanding User Experience with Log Analysis

Once you learn what the normal baseline on your network is, you should start to look for abnormal activities. This will help you understand any sudden changes that might affect the overall performance and help in easier troubleshooting. If you… Read More

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Using Regular Expressions to understand NginX, Apache and IIS logs

Regular expressions offer something that automata do not: a declarative way to express the strings we want to accept. This is why we use it as the input language for our platform to process logs in many heterogeneous formats. When … Read More

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Logging Activity in a Smart Home

logging activity in a smart home

The Smart Home concept is a subset of the Internet of Things(IoT). The core idea is to connect “things” (digital devices) to each other to facilitate communication, feedback, and alerting. In essence connecting the physical world with the digital world.… Read More

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