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Metric-driven Smart Deploys

Automated deployment isn’t just a wonderful thing  —  it’s a necessity when it comes to providing consistent, error-free delivery without eating up all of your team’s time and resources.  You create a set of scripts to cover standard, known deployment… Read More

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eComm: Living & Dying by Transactions

Success or failure of e-Commerce sites boil down to transactions. In brick and mortar stores, transactions are handled by point of sale systems. Their operation is outsourced, and their complexity is low. But for e-Commerce applications, the transactions not only… Read More

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Log Analysis for Orchestration Change Management

Are you suffering from server sprawl? You might be and don’t even know it. Server sprawl occurs when there are an unknown number of rogue VMs; VMs with unknown workload,  owners, or purpose. And no one is fearless enough to… Read More

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10 Ways to Lead with Analytics

Today, everything must be faster. Faster releases; faster and larger backlogs; faster complaints; faster bugs. The speed and performance of the modern software delivery pipeline brings a new set of challenges. How do you keep up? There really is only… Read More

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The Hidden Costs of Open Source

Open source projects allow us to adopt technology without a lot of hoops.  We get to leverage a strong community base, and potentially support the growing group committed to building even better solutions, which can have the added benefit of… Read More

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PaaSt Times

Boy was I naive. When I first learned about the term PaaS, I threw it away quickly into a metaphorical garbage can. Of course you need your servers I thought. This was about five years ago. But now, I realize… Read More

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Terminology Nerd War: APM, Log Analysis & More

Just the other day I was hanging out with my developer buddy. We entered what we thought would be an interesting topic on how you cannot call an environment “DevOps” without analytics.
But we soon were in a nerd war… Read More

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Logging Your Entire Software Delivery Pipeline 

When we think of traditional development and production operations, we often put everything into a linear software delivery pipeline that starts with a development backlog, and ends with production monitoring. We slot tools at each stage, and for the most… Read More

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Machine Data for End-to-End IoT System Monitoring

The Internet of Things (IoT) is really the morphing of physical devices into a software world. This means a lot of the same things you would do with applications and servers, you can now do with devices, including leveraging data… Read More

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Log Analysis for Software-defined Data Centers

Modern infrastructure constantly generates log data at a rate faster than humans can easily analyze. And now that data centers can be built and torn down with scripts, the amount of activity and data is exponential.
The traditional log analysis… Read More

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