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Solving the expression problem

If you look at any OO-based codebase of a nontrivial size, you’ll [hopefully] find well understood behavior formalized and encapsulated through the effective use of polymorphism- either via interfaces which decouple calling code from a types’ implementation, or via sub… Read More

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What exactly is an Event-loop?

“The price of reliability is the pursuit of the utmost simplicity” – C.A.R Hoare
Rather than doing another all-out performance post, I’ll look at some aspects of asynchronous I/O today instead: what it is at a high level, what it… Read More

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Intrinsically fast: more JVM performance tinkering

I didn’t expect my last post on JVM perf to be so well received, so I thought I’d carry on digging into why your code does (or doesn’t) run fast! Let’s forget about concurrency for now and instead focus on… Read More

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A point of @Contention- cache coherence on the JVM

Java 8’s major changes- lexical closures, the stream API, e.t.c have overshadowed a slew of little gems, one of which I only discovered the other day- the @Contended annotation.
False Sharing
Chances are you’re reading this on a device with… Read More

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Analysing Hystrix metrics with Logentries

We’ve been using Hystrix in production here at Logentries for over a year now [shameless plug: I briefly talked about this at a Clojure Ireland meetup recently :)] and have found it useful not only for bulkheading requests, but for… Read More

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Fun with JavaScript on the JVM

It’s easy to see how JavaScript is everywhere these days. The barrier to entry is extremely low; anybody with a browser can write and evaluate it, and with advancements in runtimes like Google’s V8, writing server-side JS is now a… Read More

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Smart Integration Testing with Dropwizard, Flyway and Retrofit

It’s widely understood that increasing the scope and complexity of a piece of software almost always dramatically increases the effort required to verify it. Verification typically entails testing the behavior of the new feature, plus ensuring no existing functionality has… Read More

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Extending Your Front-End Insights with The Logentries Pixel Tracker

Since we rolled out our JavaScript logging capability last Fall we’ve seen the concept of client-side logging (both on the web and native platforms) gaining a lot of traction as customers try to get more visibility into how people use… Read More

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Integrating Logentries and Scala

On my personal blog a few months ago, I wrote about integrating Clojure with Logentries. As I mentioned there, if you write code in a language that targets the JVM, you can almost definitely send your log data to Logentries… Read More

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How to Log Client-side JavaScript Events – Logging for the Web with le.js

At Logentries we provide a comprehensive collection of client libraries and inputs which make it easy to dispatch log events from any tier in your existing infrastructure. Until now though, one platform has been left out, and it’s the most… Read More

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