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A different way to log your website usage

Our recently published whitepaper demonstrates some of the more business-orientated metrics that you can log so you can get a better insight into your interactions with customers.
There may also be some Sales & Marketing type interactions with potential customers… Read More

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Using JavaScript to interact with the REST Query API

We’re very excited to announce that our REST Query API is now available. With this API, you can:

make it easy to remotely query your log data
easily integrate Logentries with third party solutions, external systems and internal tools
allow… Read More

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How to: Send SMS messages to Logentries in under 5 minutes (maybe 10)

The “Internet Of Things” continues to be talked about a lot with an increasing number of devices now containing some sort of smart functionality which can be interacted with. Here’s a great article about end-to-end IoT monitoring by colleague David… Read More

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Introducing LEQL: percentile() & median

While analyzing data, it’s important to use a variety of calculations to ensure you get the best insights. Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of our two newest LEQL functions: percentile() and median.… Read More

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Revealing Hidden Insights with Docker & timeslice()

Over the last few months, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been talking about Docker quite a lot – we think this lightweight and powerful way of managing environments is only going to increase in popularity.
Docker has been evolving their… Read More

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Getting started with Docker, Google Container Engine & Logentries

There’s been a lot of industry buzz around Docker recently, with particular focus on its ability to streamline how companies manage their platforms.
With all this talk, you might be wondering how easy it is to set up Docker and… Read More

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Introducing Logentries’ New Querybuilder

We recently announced the release of Logentries Query Language (LEQL),  an even more powerful but incredibly easy way to query your log files. The new Querybuilder search tool automatically identifies the available Key Value Pairs in your log events and… Read More

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