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Hashing Infrastructures

Engineers in fast moving, medium to large scale infrastructures in the cloud are often faced with the challenge of bringing up systems in a repeatable, fast and scalable way. There are currently tools which aid engineers in accomplishing this task… Read More

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Exploiting Zookeeper for managing processes in a production environment with Lockex

Lock and execute!
As an engineer here at Logentries I need to maintain a complex system that has requirements for being available to our customers. We always build systems with the ability to be resistant to failure.
In our environment,… Read More

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Introducing a Buildbot status plugin for pushing status updates to Logentries

Buildbot is a framework for building continuous deployment and integration systems, it is highly flexible and is written in python. It is also a mature system which a number of large projects use e.g. Mozilla, Chromium, Python – see… Read More

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Introducing the Logentries callback plugin for Ansible

Ansible is an automation tool for deploying, configuring and orchestrating systems. It’s written in python and it is easily extended.
A callback plugin for Ansible extends the functionality by being able to respond to events. These responses can be anything… Read More

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How to Add a GPS Time Source to ntpd

USB GPS dongles have come down significantly in price in recent years and I picked one up to play with recently.
Apart from using a GPS module to report your latitude, longitude, altitude and time for mapping applications, it’s also… Read More

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Integrating etckeeper with Logentries & Chef

When working within a team to maintain system infrastructure, properly documenting and communicating changes made to configuration files within /etc is fundamental to preventing knowledge gaps throughout your team.

While version control tools like git are helpful in tracking standard… Read More

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Salt-ssh for Remote Execution of States and Modules

This article assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of how Salt works and regular Salt usage experience with master and minions. The goal of this post is to show how to use Salt-ssh in a non-root environment without… Read More

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