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Network Administrator’s Guide to Surviving an Audit: During the Audit

Last time we talked about how to prepare for an audit. In this installment we’ll cover what to do once the audit begins. Let’s assume that you’re pretty well prepared. You’ve done your homework and know pretty much what to… Read More

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Legacy apps in the data center, today’s apps in the cloud

Have you found that your organization is developing new applications that are cloud-based, but unable to move away from some established legacy systems? You aren’t alone. This legacy/cloud hybrid environment is far more common than you would expect. And when… Read More

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Network Administrator’s Guide to Surviving an Audit: Preparation

Sooner or later, your organization will likely be the subject of an IT audit. But as ominous as that sounds, it doesn’t have to be something to dread. If you’re a network administrator, you’ll have a specific role in an… Read More

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Never type a search query again!

Introducing Visual Search
In our never-ending effort to help you wrangle your infrastructure, we are constantly improving and adding new functionality to Logentries.  In that spirit, today we are happy to announce Visual Search. Visual Search is truly a one… Read More

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Java 8 – Lazy argument evaluation

“I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job. Because he will find an easy way to do it” – Bill Gates
Lazy evaluation is an evaluation strategy which delays the evaluation of an expression until… Read More

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Top 5 Questions from the October Walkthrough Webinar

The October Walkthrough Webinar was broadcasted & recorded on October 27th 2016. This broadcast included a Logentries demonstration and live Q&A.
Below is a sample of some of the questions asked by the audience following the demonstration. To try out… Read More

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Empowering Leexportpy with new services

In previous posts of this series, we have gone through how leexportpy works, how it is configured and currently supported services for transforming and pushing Logentries Query API data to other systems. When it comes to creating a new service… Read More

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Overview of ‘online’ algorithm using Standard Deviation example

Here at Logentries we are constantly adding to the options for analysing log generated data. The query language ‘LEQL’ has a number of statistical functions and a recent addition has been the new Standard Deviation calculation.
LEQL query example
where(image=debian)… Read More

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Logging OwnTracks to Logentries

A previous blog showed how MQTT logs can be sent to Logentries for storage, analysis and how those logs can be to alert on potential MQTT security threats, as well as to store and visualize sensor data. This blog follows… Read More

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Logging Mosquitto Server logs (from Raspberry Pi) to Logentries

The Internet is evolving and part of this is the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). IoT allows us to use the Internet to seamlessly connect the cyberspace and real world using physical sensors at huge scale, allowing us to gather… Read More

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