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Checking Active Directory (AD) Security and Integrity via Log Monitoring

Because AD literally holds the keys to the kingdom for domain-based networks and runtime environments, it’s usually a good idea to keep a close eye on those keys, how they’re being used and what kinds of attacks might be directed… Read More

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How to Log from Azure Virtual Machines

You have evaluated the many IaaS providers out there and you have decided on Azure Compute.  Great choice! Azure is an ideal provider with broad support for various operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices. Azure also has… Read More

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Salt-ssh for Remote Execution of States and Modules

This article assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of how Salt works and regular Salt usage experience with master and minions. The goal of this post is to show how to use Salt-ssh in a non-root environment without… Read More

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Log Analysis for Orchestration Change Management

Are you suffering from server sprawl? You might be and don’t even know it. Server sprawl occurs when there are an unknown number of rogue VMs; VMs with unknown workload,  owners, or purpose. And no one is fearless enough to… Read More

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New Logentries Cookbook for Chef

We have released our logentries_agent cookbook to! You can check out the docs here,  or I’ve developed the following brief tutorial to walk you through how to automate your installation of the Logentries Linux Agent in your own infrastructure.… Read More

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Gathering Process Metrics on the Windows Agent

As we continue to expand Logentries’ powerful search and metric capabilities, we are also looking for new ways to allow our Users to send us critical data. In the newest version of the Windows Agent users can now follow process… Read More

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JSON Formatting of Windows Events: It’s Hot!

json formatting of windows events

It seems like everyone in DevOps has been talking about JSON recently – JSON is hot!
Logentries has written a few posts covering this topic, covering What is JSON, Common Problems Solved with JSON, and our Exporting as JSON. However… Read More

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Become a Windows Agent Power User from the Command Line

Windows Agent Power User

Last week we discussed new ways a User can install our Windows Agent from the command line.
Now we’ll explore even more goodies for Users who use the command line on Windows.
Over the past month we have been updating… Read More

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How to Master the Installation of the Windows Agent

Windows Agent Mastering the Installation

Over the past month we have been updating the Logentries Windows Agent to make it more powerful for our growing customers needs. One particular area we felt needed updating was the Command Line capabilities of the Windows Agent.
Logentries is… Read More

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How to Get Useful Log Data from Your Cloud Services

So you’re generating lots of log data from your cloud services like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. And you know there is a lot of value in using that data to optimize and troubleshoot those services. But, how exactly do you… Read More

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