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Logging the Lights in Your Home

It’s all the rage these days under the general heading of “Internet of Things” (IoT), but I have been a home automation enthusiast for more than 10 years now.  In the interceding time, I’ve done experiments and written about the… Read More

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Revealing Hidden Insights with Docker & timeslice()

Over the last few months, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been talking about Docker quite a lot – we think this lightweight and powerful way of managing environments is only going to increase in popularity.
Docker has been evolving their… Read More

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Free Docker Logging – Removing Barriers for Mass Innovation

Containerization, led by Docker, is fundamentally changing how we build, manage and monitor systems.
When AWS came along they increased the rate of innovation by lowering the cost of failure. This allowed companies (like Logentries) to get started on the… Read More

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Webinar Recording: Ensuring Docker Success with Real-Time Monitoring

When working with Docker, there’s no one way to monitor your containers and environments. As Docker has evolved from a useful tool for development environments to the industry-changing suite of production-ready services it is today, our ability to monitor containers… Read More

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Getting Ready for #VelocityConf 2015? Let’s Recap 2014!

The Logentries team is on its way to Santa Clara for Velocity 2015 in just a few weeks. Here are some of the highlights from last year’s #VelocityConf… Read More

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Listening to What Your Heroku Postgres Logs are Telling You

Debugging in development can be challenging enough when dealing with just your application layer. In production, the root cause of an issue could be hiding within one of several locations, including your database.
One of the many great things about… Read More

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Announcing the New Logentries Community

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.
At Logentries, when we founded the company back in 2010, we started as two broke guys with a credit card (thanks AWS for… Read More

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The Hidden Costs of Open Source

Open source projects allow us to adopt technology without a lot of hoops.  We get to leverage a strong community base, and potentially support the growing group committed to building even better solutions, which can have the added benefit of… Read More

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MongoDB Log Analytics

MongoDB 3.0 is now available! If you are new to MongoDB or upgrading from 2.6, you will enjoy all of the new features including document-level locking, better write performance, big memory support, and more. Additionally, to improve usability of the… Read More

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Has Splunk Turned Its Back on the DevOps Community?

In August 2012 Splunk released Splunk Storm, tailored for “organizations that develop and run their applications in the public cloud, using services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Heroku, Google App Engine, Rackspace, and others.” Splunk Storm claimed to provide … Read More

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