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Do you need an Architect in a Software Company?

This may be a dangerous question to ask for someone whose role is that of an Architect, but I think it is a valid question for an Architect to ask. This is particularly true in the software industry where the… Read More

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Tips for Optimizing your AngularJS app

AngularJS can have performance problems when you start to scale your application. You may notice that your AngularJS application works well at first but as it grows in complexity, so does its load time. Maybe it hangs for a second… Read More

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DataOps: Creating a Culture of Data Analysts

Bill Saltmarsh is a Logentries Customer and Analytics Engineer at Pluralsight.
Today’s rapidly evolving workplace provides a context where our decision makers must be able to leverage their data to make optimal judgments. This is not limited to managers and… Read More

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What is DataOps & Why You Need It?

Mike Roberts is a Logentries customer and Director of Data Analytics at Pluralsight.
In the world of technology, things change. We all know this so don’t feel there’s a huge need to convince people of the fact. Often times, there… Read More

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How to Track Meteor’s Recomputations with Logentries

This blog post is written by Logentries customer Gabriel Pugliese, Founder and developer of CodersTV.
There are a lot of implicit computation going on with Meteor’s reactivity. Tracker, Session variables, Cursors, Templates etc. They create lots of implicit recalculations that… Read More

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Community Packs for AWS: Out of the Box Dashboards, Alerts, & Queries

Logentries community packs for AWS

We recently released Logentries Community Packs, dynamic JSON files that (when uploaded into Logentries) automatically create Saved queries, Dashboards and Alerts.

The true power of these packs is that anyone can create, modify and share them.
We called them Community… Read More

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E2N Reduces Anxiety and Increases Customer Satisfaction with Log Data

E2N product

E2N Gastro is a small startup in Germany, who provide a SaaS platform for restaurant management, staff management, timekeeping, and work schedules (among other services). We spoke with their CEO/CTO, Bjorn Raupach, who shared the history behind their use of… Read More

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Happy Bits Shortens Time-to-Resolution From 4 Days to 5 Minutes!


Happy Bits develops fun mobile apps so you can share videos instantly with your friends through messenger. You can either watch the videos live while you’re recording, or later whenever you have time. Here’s how it works: you upload a… Read More

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Why we love log management (and you should too)

log management tool screenshot

It doesn’t matter if your title puts you in Ops, Dev, or DevOps, being able to track down the big insights from your data is the secret-sauce every engineer is looking for. Collecting the data is a step in the… Read More

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Digging Deeper on AWS: Real-time Alerting for Windows Security Events

After many conversations with our AWS customers and the AWS CloudTrail team, we recently released our AWS CloudTrail integration to automatically support the most important log events our customers wanted to be monitoring across their AWS environments. We found that… Read More

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