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Hashing Infrastructures

Engineers in fast moving, medium to large scale infrastructures in the cloud are often faced with the challenge of bringing up systems in a repeatable, fast and scalable way. There are currently tools which aid engineers in accomplishing this task… Read More

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Logging for Unikernels

Unikernels are the next step in virtualized computing. There is a lot of hubbub right now in the tech-o-sphere about unikernels. In fact, in many circles unikernels are thought to be the Next Big Thing. There is a lot of… Read More

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Infographic: Log Management & Analytics at a Glance

Logentries surveyed over 400 IT professionals about their views of log management and analytics. We found that many people are planning on using and investing in public cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Google, and Azure in 2016.
Who took the… Read More

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Logentries recognized by Docker as Ecosystem Technology Partner for Logging

Since last year, we’ve anticipated the impact of Docker and have been building integrations – first as experiments and later as full-blown solutions. It’s therefore with great pleasure that we’re announcing our recognition by Docker as an Ecosystem Technology Partner… Read More

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Revealing Hidden Insights with Docker & timeslice()

Over the last few months, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been talking about Docker quite a lot – we think this lightweight and powerful way of managing environments is only going to increase in popularity.
Docker has been evolving their… Read More

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Log Analysis for Containers

The IT and DevOps world has come a long way with infrastructure.
Virtualization revolutionized our ability to quickly deploy an application and scale up services when needed, paying only for the computing power used. Over the last few years,… Read More

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Q&A with Sysdig’s Chris Crane + Upcoming Webinar

This Thursday, September 17th, we’ll be teaming up with Sysdig to explore “container monitoring as a microservice” – the practice of achieving deep, container-level insight while following microservice best practices. During the webinar, Logentries’ Co-Founder Trevor Parsons and Sysdig’s COO… Read More

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Best Practices for Container Log Analysis: Part 2

This 3-part series explores the challenges presented by containers and the advantages of using an end-to-end container log monitoring solution for complete container environment visibility.

When working with containers, setting up a local image repository like Docker’s Registry can enable… Read More

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Getting started with Docker, Google Container Engine & Logentries

There’s been a lot of industry buzz around Docker recently, with particular focus on its ability to streamline how companies manage their platforms.
With all this talk, you might be wondering how easy it is to set up Docker and… Read More

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Free Docker Logging – Removing Barriers for Mass Innovation

Containerization, led by Docker, is fundamentally changing how we build, manage and monitor systems.
When AWS came along they increased the rate of innovation by lowering the cost of failure. This allowed companies (like Logentries) to get started on the… Read More

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