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Using Log Data to Support a Mobile Business

As mobile device usage surges, and they become a top tool of choice, businesses need to be able to provide customers with easy mobile access and give employees tools to do their job while on the go. Still, questions remain:… Read More

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Real User Monitoring: I Need Insight And I Need It Now

In the past it was assumed that the web-based interface was the most important, and often the only, path for a user to access content or a product. But those days are gone and now companies must embrace supporting multiple… Read More

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Mobile Apps: 6 Steps to A Wealth of Untapped Data

With mobile technology becoming a bigger part of many companies’ front end coverage, it makes sense to ensure that you are getting a good return on your investment by delivering a high quality app that works for your users.
With… Read More

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An Inflection Point for Mobile Devices & App Monitoring

You may not have noticed, but history has unfolded before our very eyes in the past few months, with mobile device sales expected to outpace those of the traditional laptops for the first time (at least according to IDC research… Read More

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How To Monitor Windows with Logentries

We are often asked at Support questions such as, “How do we use Logentries to monitor Windows performance stats?” or “Can Logentries get alerts based on CPU utilization on Windows?” The simple answer is yes, with the help of our… Read More

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iPhone notifications

If something is seriously broken in your application, you want to know about it immediately. But you can’t study your logs all the time – you have better thing to do (like coding right…). That’s why Logentries provides real-time alerts… Read More

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