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Logging OwnTracks to Logentries

A previous blog showed how MQTT logs can be sent to Logentries for storage, analysis and how those logs can be to alert on potential MQTT security threats, as well as to store and visualize sensor data. This blog follows… Read More

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REST API: a little cURL and some Python

Here at Logentries work has been going for sometime in bringing to our customers a powerful and flexible REST API service for interaction with their log data. This work started out with the REST Query API and will continue as… Read More

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Self-describing Logging Using Log4J

Over the last few months I’ve been writing about the benefit of using self-describing logging to make your log data easier and faster to process. I covered .NET and NodeJS. In this article I am going to apply my thinking… Read More

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Implementing Self-Describing Log Data Using NodeJS

In my previous article, How to Ensure Self-Describing Log Data using Log4Net, I showed you a  technique that made structuring your logging information as key-value and JSON under Log4Net an easier undertaking. In this article I am going to apply… Read More

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How to Log from Azure Virtual Machines

You have evaluated the many IaaS providers out there and you have decided on Azure Compute.  Great choice! Azure is an ideal provider with broad support for various operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices. Azure also has… Read More

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An Introductory Guide to JSON

Introduction to JSON
JSON, short for JavaScript Object Notation, continues to gain momentum in our increasingly con- nected world. Contrary to its naming convention, JSON is a language-independent data exchange format that enables us to quickly and easily share information… Read More

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