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Moving away from MVC

In of all my years as a software engineer, trying new libraries, frameworks and paradigms has been such a pleasure especially in web development. Even before the well known javascript libraries, web development was based on backend apps which render… Read More

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Integrating Logentries With .NET The How and Why

A robust logging strategy opens up a world of potential improvements for your .Net applications through application logging. Application logging provides valuable insight. Insight that can only benefit your network application stack since your .Net application is the front line… Read More

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How to Ensure Self Describing Log Data Using Log4Net

In a previous article, The Benefit of Having an Enterprise Logging Policy, I presented the case for always using self-describing data formats when logging information. Using self-describing formats, such as key-value pairs and JSON, saves time and effort in terms… Read More

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15 Events to Log for Better DevOps

DevOps practices are now finding their way into more and more organizations. Up to now, as the DevOps movement has started to percolate across various industries the focus has been on improving the IT department. In Logentries’ article 15 Events… Read More

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How to Log from Azure Virtual Machines

You have evaluated the many IaaS providers out there and you have decided on Azure Compute.  Great choice! Azure is an ideal provider with broad support for various operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices. Azure also has… Read More

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Do You Still Email Yourself from Your Code? How to Stop the Madness

A few years back now, I took on an assignment to help a company modernize a series of legacy .NET applications.  One of these did some back office processing.  A vendor would stick some files on a shared drive, and… Read More

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Logentries New Integration for Windows Phone

One of our most popular libraries at Logentries is our .NET integration. We offer support for both Nlog and Log4net. We want to continue to expand Logentries support for .NET environments, and we are pleased to announce our new integration… Read More

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Making Azure, ASP.NET, and MVC Logging Look Easy

Coming straight to you from our customer success team is a great story from one of our customers, Max Vasilyev, who is a Senior Developer at an oil servicing company in Aberdeen, Scotland.  A few months ago, Max deployed a… Read More

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Logentries now available on AppHarbor (.NET as a Service)

We’re happy to announce Logentries is now available as an add-on service on AppHarbor.

AppHarbor is a .NET Platform-as-a-Service. It makes deployment of .NET application easier and more fluent than has traditionally been the case. Azure done right as they… Read More

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