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Get your work done even faster with the Logentries REST API

Now you can get your work done even faster by automating tasks with the Logentries REST API. With the ability to programmatically query data, manage users, create alerts and integrate third party tools, it’s now easier to finish the job… Read More

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Exporting Logentries data with Leexportpy

Leexportpy, the Logentries utility that exports your log data to 3rd parties, has built-in support for various services such as Kafka, Geckoboard and Hosted Graphite. Without any modification to the current code, you can use these services to extract your… Read More

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REST API: a little cURL and some Python

Here at Logentries work has been going for sometime in bringing to our customers a powerful and flexible REST API service for interaction with their log data. This work started out with the REST Query API and will continue as… Read More

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Monitoring SNS Activity Using a Lambda Function and Logentries

Amazon Web Services Lambda functions are very cool. A Lambda function is a feature in Amazon Web Services that allows you to put a discrete piece of computing logic up in The Cloud and then access that logic to meet… Read More

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The yellow brick road to machine learning with honeypot data: Our lessons learned

Recently the Rapid7 Logentries team attended a hackathon over at one of our Boston offices. This was a great way for us to integrate with the other Rapid7 teams within the company and to have fun messing around with things… Read More

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Practical Examples of Behavior Driven Development Testing

Are you mocking? or is that just a stub?
It should come as no surprise to learn that testing is at the heart of our engineers daily activities. Testing is intrinsic to our development process, both in practical terms and… Read More

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Introducing Logentries’ Python APM Community Pack

At Logentries, we feel strongly about the power of log data and the unparalleled role that logs can play in effective end-to-end system monitoring. Yet we feel it also important to recognize how other monitoring approaches can further supplement a… Read More

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Introduction to Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a fast and general-purpose cluster computing system. The latest version can be downloaded from In this post, we will try to perform some basic data manipulations using spark and python.
Using Spark Python Shell
The first… Read More

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Log Management as a (Windows) Service

Windows support has been added as part of our latest release. You can now:

monitor logs from any applications running on Windows
monitor Windows event logs
configure the Logentries agent as a Windows service

The Logentries agent comes in the… Read More

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