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Introducing Visual Search
In our never-ending effort to help you wrangle your infrastructure, we are constantly improving and adding new functionality to Logentries.  In that spirit, today we are happy to announce Visual Search. Visual Search is truly a one… Read More

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Signal AND Noise The Best of All Worlds for Logging

One of the absolute, classic pieces of advice that you’ll hear when it comes to logging is what I think of as the iconic Goldilocks logging advice.  It goes something like this.
When it comes to logging, you don’t want… Read More

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Brics Vs RE2/J

By Benoit Gaudin and Mark Lacomber
Regular Expressions
When it comes to searching unstructured data, regular expressions are a very useful and powerful tool. The power provided by popular regular expression libraries does come with a significant performance cost in… Read More

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Introducing LEQL: percentile() & median

While analyzing data, it’s important to use a variety of calculations to ensure you get the best insights. Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of our two newest LEQL functions: percentile() and median.… Read More

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October Feature Recap

As we practice continuous delivery at Logentries, we’re constantly deploying product updates of all sizes. Here’s a recap of feature updates from October!… Read More

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Logging from Tableau for Successful DataOps

Lately, we’ve been seeing a growing number of customers using Logentries in support of DataOps – the practice of collecting, normalizing and redistributing data throughout an organization so teams can make smarter business decisions. With teams ranging from engineers to… Read More

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Introducing Logentries’ New Querybuilder

We recently announced the release of Logentries Query Language (LEQL),  an even more powerful but incredibly easy way to query your log files. The new Querybuilder search tool automatically identifies the available Key Value Pairs in your log events and… Read More

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Introducing Logentries NEW Query Language: LEQL

We are excited to announce that Logentries’ new SQL-like query language, LEQL, is now available for more advanced analytics and easy extraction of valuable insights from your log data.
A SQL-Like Query Language
If you’ve ever used SQL, LEQL should… Read More

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Fastly Community Pack: Understanding User Experience with Log Analysis

Once you learn what the normal baseline on your network is, you should start to look for abnormal activities. This will help you understand any sudden changes that might affect the overall performance and help in easier troubleshooting. If you… Read More

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Extracting Key Values from Any Log Format Using Regex Named Capture Groups

Logs are event streams that are constantly spewed from every application, server instance, mobile and IOT device. They contain valuable information pertaining to application errors, system performance, security, feature usage and more.
Likely, the biggest issue with getting value from… Read More

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