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How to: Send SMS messages to Logentries in under 5 minutes (maybe 10)

The “Internet Of Things” continues to be talked about a lot with an increasing number of devices now containing some sort of smart functionality which can be interacted with. Here’s a great article about end-to-end IoT monitoring by colleague David… Read More

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Build your own SMS Alerts–Logentries and Clickatell Combined!

This is a guest blog post by Jason Ruane, the technical director at Moposa, a place for brides and grooms to plan and manage their wedding. In this post Jason, describes how he used Logentries webhook alerts and Clickatell to … Read More

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Logs as Data… Logs as SMS… Logentries & Twillio combined!

More and more frequently I’m seeing cool use cases of Log data.  Using ‘logs as data’ is the concept of writing semi-structured data to your logs which can then in turn be consumed by other services that can put the… Read More

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