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Infographic: Top 4 Log Management Challenges

At Logentries we chat to new users everyday who are looking for an improved solution for centralizing and analyzing their log data. They have often tried rolling their own solution, have previously gone the open source route, or are using … Read More

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Fastly Community Pack: Understanding User Experience with Log Analysis

Once you learn what the normal baseline on your network is, you should start to look for abnormal activities. This will help you understand any sudden changes that might affect the overall performance and help in easier troubleshooting. If you… Read More

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Log Annotations – It’s Nice to Share

“Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.”
– Dalai Lama
I’m not saying the Dalai Lama was directly referring to our new annotations feature, but I’m pretty sure that if he needed a Log Management tool ours would… Read More

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Collecting and Analyzing Logs from Your Java Application

le_java is one of several libraries that allow you to send log data directly to your Logentries account from your application.  le_java supports both the log4j and logback logging libraries in java, and can be configured to work with either … Read More

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Monitoring the Most Common Tags and Alerts in AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail is a web service that records AWS API calls for your AWS account and places these records in log files stored in an S3 bucket of your choice. The recorded information includes the identity of the API caller,… Read More

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Log Management and Analytics: Strength in Numbers

The number in this case is a community of more than 25,000 users of log management and analytics.  A collection of smart individuals and businesses from the small to the very, very large who have all turned to Logentries to… Read More

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Dogfooding Our Own Solution: Cobblers, Pet Food & Jidoka

When you are in the log management business, who manages your logs? Well, you do, of course. The proverbs of old, though, tell you this can sometimes be a very bad idea. In the Irish language the saying is:
“Ba… Read More

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Our Tags and Alerts Have Gone Global

2013 was a pretty exciting year at Logentries as we made it our mission to help you find valuable insights in more and more of your log data. Over the past year we were able to grow our user base,… Read More

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Announcing Our New Convenient & Powerful Tags and Alerts

Here at Logentries we have been hard at work developing an improved and more powerful version of our product by making it possible for you to manage your monitoring functionality at a global level so that you can more easily… Read More

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