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Legacy apps in the data center, today’s apps in the cloud

Have you found that your organization is developing new applications that are cloud-based, but unable to move away from some established legacy systems? You aren’t alone. This legacy/cloud hybrid environment is far more common than you would expect. And when… Read More

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The Value of Correlation IDs

In the old days when transactional behavior happened in a single domain, in step-by-step procedures, keeping track of request/response behavior was a simple undertaking. However, today one request to a particular domain can involve a myriad of subsequent asynchronous requests… Read More

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Node.js as a Proxy to

Logging from the client side of a web application can seem like a challenge.  The web browser exposes everything to the user.  There is no way to hide anything delivered to the client from prying eyes, including your log token… Read More

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Migrating a web app to Angular

At some point many applications get to a state in which a large refactoring or in some cases a complete rewrite needs to happen. The decision to do so can be driven by many factors. For example, the code base… Read More

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Cloud Platforms vs. On-Prem – A Guide for the Rest of Us


Working for Cloud based businesses for the greater part of a decade now, one question invariably comes up:
“Why should I move my data to the cloud?”
There are always a few objections that come up as well. Following-up on… Read More

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Velocity Conference: Highlights from 2013 & What to Expect this Year

We are excited to be heading to #VelocityConf 2014 in Santa Clara from June 24-26th. Here are some of the highlights from last year’s #VelocityConf.… Read More

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3 Smart Ways Businesses are Using Log Data

Log data is everywhere. From mobile apps and desktops, to servers and massively distributed applications, just about everything generates log data that can be useful for optimizing IT processes. But with the focus on IT, we can sometimes overlook the… Read More

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Extending Your Front-End Insights with The Logentries Pixel Tracker

Since we rolled out our JavaScript logging capability last Fall we’ve seen the concept of client-side logging (both on the web and native platforms) gaining a lot of traction as customers try to get more visibility into how people use… Read More

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How to Monitor the Health of Your Application and Infrastructure With the Same Solution

With an attractive total cost of ownership of cloud-based solutions versus on-premise solutions, a highly flexible nature and the ability to scale up rapidly, there has been a steady increase in companies moving infrastructure out of racks and into the… Read More

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5 Uses for Log Data That You Never Thought Of

When you think of logs, what do you think of? It’s most likely troubleshooting software applications and the infrastructure that underlies them, keeping an eye on your production apps…perhaps even database logs and some other things like that. Traditional log… Read More

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