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Logs To Understand User Activity and Behavior

Logging user activity is a great way to understand what users are doing, and how they are using network and computing resources. Collecting data from the standpoint of a user identity or login is a great way to correlate all… Read More

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Backup Log Checks and What They Can Tell You

There is simply no substitute for a recent, accurate backup when it comes to recovering from file or system damage or outages. But that backup must be complete and error-free to make a full recovery possible. That’s why inspecting log… Read More

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Troubleshooting with Nexpose Logs

Nexpose is the industry standard in Vulnerability Management, giving you the confidence you need to understand your ever-changing attack surface, focus on what matters, and create better security outcomes.… Read More

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Video: Logs for PCI Compliance

PCI DSS provides some specific requirements for how logs should be collected, reviewed and retained to maintain compliance. In Rapid7’s latest “Whiteboard Wednesday” video, I review three areas of PCI requirements for log management, including:

Why logs need to be… Read More

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Using Logs for Security & Compliance: Part 2

This 3-part series explores the critical role logs play in maintaining regulatory compliances and provides specific examples of known events to look for an how to evaluate different compliance tools. To download the free 24-page white paper, click here.

For… Read More

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