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Hashing Infrastructures

Engineers in fast moving, medium to large scale infrastructures in the cloud are often faced with the challenge of bringing up systems in a repeatable, fast and scalable way. There are currently tools which aid engineers in accomplishing this task… Read More

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Infographic: Log Management & Analytics at a Glance

Logentries surveyed over 400 IT professionals about their views of log management and analytics. We found that many people are planning on using and investing in public cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Google, and Azure in 2016.
Who took the… Read More

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The State of Logging on Docker: What’s New with 1.7

Logging on Docker has steadily evolved with each Docker release and there are some exciting new updates that have come with Docker 1.7 – for example, Docker 1.7 now includes new driver support for for Journald along with the driver… Read More

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How To Run Rsyslog in a Docker Container for Logging

I’ve been playing around with Docker this morning (read as I have followed their 15 min tutorial and have installed it on an Ubuntu instance – so I’m not quite the expert yet). I was initially interested in figuring out… Read More

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