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Raspberry Pi, Logs and IoT – Sending Pi Log and Sensor data to Logentries


In the previous blog post we learned how to send IoT data from the TI CC 2650 SensorTag to Logentries using Node-Red and directly using Linux. This Blog will show how to send data from a Raspberry Pi device to… Read More

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A Query Language for Your Logs


Application logging is the software world’s version of archeology. At runtime, your application lives in a rich, colorful, 3-dimensional world of flowing aqueducts, packed coliseums, and bustling streets.   There’s more going on than can possibly be captured.
When you’re trying… Read More

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The Power of IOT with a Query Language


Using Logentries Query Language (LEQL) to analyze Sensor Data
This is one of a series of IoT blogs that show how easy it can be to integrate a range of real sensor devices with Logentries. The focus of this blog… Read More

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How to Ensure Self Describing Log Data Using Log4Net


In a previous article, The Benefit of Having an Enterprise Logging Policy, I presented the case for always using self-describing data formats when logging information. Using self-describing formats, such as key-value pairs and JSON, saves time and effort in terms… Read More

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15 Events to Log for Better DevOps


DevOps practices are now finding their way into more and more organizations. Up to now, as the DevOps movement has started to percolate across various industries the focus has been on improving the IT department. In Logentries’ article 15 Events… Read More

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The 4 Steps for Creating a Log Enabled Marketing Campaign


Typically, most logging activity in the online world is concerned with collecting information about an enterprise’s digital infrastructure. Machine logs, application logs, network logs, database logs, access logs are a few examples of such activity. However, as marketing campaigns become… Read More

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Infographic: Log Management & Analytics at a Glance


Logentries surveyed over 400 IT professionals about their views of log management and analytics. We found that many people are planning on using and investing in public cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Google, and Azure in 2016.
Who took the… Read More

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