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Empowering Leexportpy with new services

In previous posts of this series, we have gone through how leexportpy works, how it is configured and currently supported services for transforming and pushing Logentries Query API data to other systems. When it comes to creating a new service… Read More

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REST API: a little cURL and some Python

Here at Logentries work has been going for sometime in bringing to our customers a powerful and flexible REST API service for interaction with their log data. This work started out with the REST Query API and will continue as… Read More

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Using JavaScript to interact with the REST Query API

We’re very excited to announce that our REST Query API is now available. With this API, you can:

make it easy to remotely query your log data
easily integrate Logentries with third party solutions, external systems and internal tools
allow… Read More

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Logging from Sonos Speakers with a Webhook

Our Boston sales office has a big set of Sonos speakers around their office that pumps tunes out across the office. It’s great for camaraderie, until someone sticks country music on… On a visit, I had an hour to spare,… Read More

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Webinar Recap: Logentries Feature Walkthrough

Our second February webinar was broadcasted & recorded on February 25th 2016. During this broadcast, Justin Buchanan demonstrated many of the essential Logentries features.
Below is a summary of some of the features covered. To follow along, or to try… Read More

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