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Keep Your Code Clean while Logging

In my consultancy practice, one of the things that I do most frequently is help teams write so-called “clean code.”  Usually, this orients around test-driven development (TDD) and writing code that is easily maintained via regression tests and risk-free refactoring.  … Read More

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Practical Examples of Behavior Driven Development Testing

Are you mocking? or is that just a stub?
It should come as no surprise to learn that testing is at the heart of our engineers daily activities. Testing is intrinsic to our development process, both in practical terms and… Read More

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Unit testing with Karma and Jasmine for AngularJS

So you’ve started to build applications with AngularJS; or, maybe you’ve done unit testing before but haven’t used it with AngularJS; or, maybe it’s all new to you, but either way this article should help to orient you to the… Read More

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