15 Events to Log for Better DevOps

DevOps practices are now finding their way into more and more organizations. Up to now, as the DevOps movement has started to percolate across various industries the focus has been on improving the IT department. In Logentries’ article 15 Events… Read More

Using JavaScript to interact with the REST Query API

We’re very excited to announce that our REST Query API is now available. With this API, you can: make it easy to remotely query your log data easily integrate Logentries with third party solutions, external systems and internal tools allow… Read More

Intrinsically fast: more JVM performance tinkering


I didn’t expect my last post on JVM perf to be so well received, so I thought I’d carry on digging into why your code does (or doesn’t) run fast! Let’s forget about concurrency for now and instead focus on… Read More

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Now Available: REST Query API


Our new REST Query API is now included as part of the Logentries Team plan. Complimentary access to the REST Query API for all active Starter and Pro accounts is also available for a limited time.
Don’t have an account… Read More

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Implementing Self-Describing Log Data Using NodeJS


In my previous article, How to Ensure Self-Describing Log Data using Log4Net, I showed you a  technique that made structuring your logging information as key-value and JSON under Log4Net an easier undertaking. In this article I am going to apply… Read More

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How To: Send Logentries Alerts to BigPanda


Working in customer support we are usually the first to receive feature requests, integration requests or recommendations. We would then relay this to our product team. But we often get requests that we can tackle ourselves whether this may be… Read More

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Raspberry Pi, Logs and IoT – Sending Pi Log and Sensor data to Logentries


In the previous blog post we learned how to send IoT data from the TI CC 2650 SensorTag to Logentries using Node-Red and directly using Linux. This Blog will show how to send data from a Raspberry Pi device to… Read More

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Webinar: How to Easily Send and Use your IoT Data in the Cloud


Rapid7 Consulting Software Architect David Tracey spends his days working on the Logentries product creating a Highly Scalable Log Storage, Analytics and Querying System with emphasis on introducing RESTful Architecture and APIs. David has published a series of blog posts… Read More

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A Query Language for Your Logs


Application logging is the software world’s version of archeology. At runtime, your application lives in a rich, colorful, 3-dimensional world of flowing aqueducts, packed coliseums, and bustling streets.   There’s more going on than can possibly be captured.
When you’re trying… Read More

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Integrating the Logentries Javascript Library With React


React.js has proven itself a powerful contender in the world of Javascript frameworks. Arguably, it has become one of a handful of libraries that all web developers should consider for current or upcoming projects. Understanding how it integrates with other… Read More

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Logs for SEO


I write blog posts on a number of different sites that are not my own, and that is an exercise in pure writing joy. I compose the posts, I submit them, and voila!  They’re published on nice-looking sites, promoted by… Read More

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