Infographic: Top 4 Log Management Challenges

At Logentries we chat to new users everyday who are looking for an improved solution for centralizing and analyzing their log data. They have often tried rolling their own solution, have previously gone the open source route, or are using … Read More

Using Regular Expressions to understand NginX, Apache and IIS logs

Regular expressions offer something that automata do not: a declarative way to express the strings we want to accept. This is why we use it as the input language for our platform to process logs in many heterogeneous formats. When … Read More

eComm: Living & Dying by Transactions

ecomm-living-and-dying-by-transactions Success or failure of e-Commerce sites boil down to transactions. In brick and mortar stores, transactions are handled by point of sale systems. Their operation is outsourced, and their complexity is low. But for e-Commerce applications, the transactions not only… Read More
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Announcing the New Logentries Community

logentries-community Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. At Logentries, when we founded the company back in 2010, we started as two broke guys with a credit card (thanks AWS for… Read More
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Salt-ssh for Remote Execution of States and Modules

salt-ssh-for-remote-execution-of-states-and-modules This article assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of how Salt works and regular Salt usage experience with master and minions. The goal of this post is to show how to use Salt-ssh in a non-root environment without… Read More
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Announcing Logentries User Access Controls

logentries-user-access-controls-3 Sending your logs to a centralized location like Logentries creates the opportunity for different teams to access valuable log data without granting everyone access to your production environments. While this exposure of more teams (both technical and non-technical)  to log… Read More
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What is DataOps & Why You Need It?

what-is-dataops-why-u-need-it Mike Roberts is a Logentries customer and Director of Data Analytics at Pluralsight. In the world of technology, things change. We all know this so don’t feel there’s a huge need to convince people of the fact. Often times, there… Read More
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Log Analysis for Orchestration Change Management

log-analysis-for-orchestration-change-management-2 Are you suffering from server sprawl? You might be and don’t even know it. Server sprawl occurs when there are an unknown number of rogue VMs; VMs with unknown workload,  owners, or purpose. And no one is fearless enough to… Read More
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Announcing the Logentries Analytics Service: Separating the Signal from the Noise

separating-signal-from-noise Today there is no shortage of interesting information being produced from machines and software applications alike giving us more data to analyze than ever before. The Big Data problem is generally focused on making sense of this data; and last… Read More
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10 Ways to Lead with Analytics

10-ways-to-lead-with-analytics Today, everything must be faster. Faster releases; faster and larger backlogs; faster complaints; faster bugs. The speed and performance of the modern software delivery pipeline brings a new set of challenges. How do you keep up? There really is only… Read More
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Java Util Logging – Now Available!

java-util-logging Just a quick update that Logentries now supports Java Util Logging. Thanks to GitHub user raupachz you can now use java.util.logging to send logs to Logentries using the open source le_java library.  You can also use log4j, log4j2 or logback.… Read More
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