Infographic: Top 4 Log Management Challenges

At Logentries we chat to new users everyday who are looking for an improved solution for centralizing and analyzing their log data. They have often tried rolling their own solution, have previously gone the open source route, or are using … Read More

Using Regular Expressions to understand NginX, Apache and IIS logs

Regular expressions offer something that automata do not: a declarative way to express the strings we want to accept. This is why we use it as the input language for our platform to process logs in many heterogeneous formats. When … Read More

An All-inclusive Log Monitoring Container for Docker


Over the last year we have watched Docker take the world by storm and when you stop to ask “Why?”, it becomes quite obvious: Docker may eventually replace the hypervisor (see diagram below) with a more lightweight efficient and scalable… Read More

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Playing with Java 8’s Completable Futures


Of the many additions to Java 8 such as the Stream API and lambdas, I noticed one of the lesser talked about ones was CompletableFutures. So I decided to have a play around with them on the last Java component… Read More

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Introducing Logentries’ New Querybuilder


We recently announced the release of Logentries Query Language (LEQL),  an even more powerful but incredibly easy way to query your log files. The new Querybuilder search tool automatically identifies the available Key Value Pairs in your log events and… Read More

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Ditch the Debugger and Use Log Analysis Instead

Ditching the Debugger for Log Analysis This guest blog post is written by Matthew Skelton, Co-founder and Principal Consultant at Skelton Thatcher Consulting. Summary: As a Developer, you cannot attach the debugger to your application in Production, but you can use logging in a way that… Read More
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10 Best Practices for Log Management & Analytics: Part 1


This 3-part series covers Logentries’ 10 best practices for log management and analytics. To download the complete article, click here.

As applications, hosting environments and infrastructure continue to grow in size and complexity, having a well defined set of logging… Read More

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Using Log Data Streams for Real-Time Analytics: Part 1


This 3-part series explores the definition and benefits of using log data streams and real-time analytics for some common IT Ops uses cases. To download the complete article, click here.

Analytics tools are often focused on analyzing historical data. Taking… Read More

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How to Implement ANTLR4 Autocomplete


Antlr4 is a new iteration of a popular Antlr parse tree generator. Antlr4 features great documentation and an in-depth book on the subject. However, the topic of autocompletion lacks any substantive material. I hope this article will steer you in… Read More

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Idiomatic ES6

idiomatic_es6 There are a billion articles on ES6 at this point. What’s one more? Here we discuss some emerging patterns and issues related to real world use of ES6 as well as how one can go about using it now via… Read More
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The State of Logging on Docker: What’s New with 1.7


Logging on Docker has steadily evolved with each Docker release and there are some exciting new updates that have come with Docker 1.7 – for example, Docker 1.7 now includes new driver support for for Journald along with the driver… Read More

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