Infographic: Top 4 Log Management Challenges

At Logentries we chat to new users everyday who are looking for an improved solution for centralizing and analyzing their log data. They have often tried rolling their own solution, have previously gone the open source route, or are using … Read More

Using Regular Expressions to understand NginX, Apache and IIS logs

Regular expressions offer something that automata do not: a declarative way to express the strings we want to accept. This is why we use it as the input language for our platform to process logs in many heterogeneous formats. When … Read More

Integrating etckeeper with Logentries & Chef

integrating-etckeeper-and-chef-with-le (1) When working within a team to maintain system infrastructure, properly documenting and communicating changes made to configuration files within /etc is fundamental to preventing knowledge gaps throughout your team. While version control tools like git are helpful in tracking standard… Read More
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#VelocityConf 2015: Don’t-Miss Speakers and Sessions

Velocity2015Speakers Velocity 2015 is kicking off tomorrow May 26th with an exciting line-up of events and presentations from some of the best web ops and performance leaders, do-ers, and visionaries. We are looking forward to some of these great speakers, panelists… Read More
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Delivering Reliability with Logentries and Microsoft Azure

azure_logo_4 Today, we’re announcing our partnership with Microsoft Azure, making it easy to centralize and analyze log data from VMs and web apps hosted on Azure. One of the things we love about Azure is how easy it is to spin… Read More
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Making SIEM Easier to Achieve

making-siem-easier-to-achieve- A June 2014 Gartner Report on Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) reveals that many surveyed SIEM users indicate “cost” (both in terms of price and effort) as being one of the biggest challenges presented by traditional SIEM tools of… Read More
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Getting Ready for #VelocityConf 2015? Let’s Recap 2014!

Velocity-2015 The Logentries team is on its way to Santa Clara for Velocity 2015 in just a few weeks. Here are some of the highlights from last year’s #VelocityConf Read More
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Fun with JavaScript on the JVM

fun-with-javascript-on-the-jvm It’s easy to see how JavaScript is everywhere these days. The barrier to entry is extremely low; anybody with a browser can write and evaluate it, and with advancements in runtimes like Google’s V8, writing server-side JS is now a… Read More
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Metric-driven Smart Deploys

metric-driven-smart-deploys Automated deployment isn’t just a wonderful thing  —  it’s a necessity when it comes to providing consistent, error-free delivery without eating up all of your team’s time and resources.  You create a set of scripts to cover standard, known deployment… Read More
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Building Tabular Data Format with D3

building-tabular-data-format-with-d3 In my previous posts I have demonstrated how to combine D3 with AngularJs (wrapping D3 code in Angular’s directives) and how to build effective data visualization with D3. In this post I will focus on building tabular format of data… Read More
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What You Can Learn From Log-level Usage Reports

log-level-usage-reports Separating the signal from the noise is one of the biggest challenges when dealing with machine-generated log data today and has generally required deep technical expertise. However once you find that signal it can be massively useful and can help… Read More
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