Using Log Data Streams for Real-Time Analytics: Part 2

This 3-part series explores the definition and benefits of using log data streams and real-time analytics for some common IT Ops uses cases. To download the complete article, click here. Many analytics tools focus on just one layer of your… Read More

Free Docker Logging – Removing Barriers for Mass Innovation

Containerization, led by Docker, is fundamentally changing how we build, manage and monitor systems. When AWS came along they increased the rate of innovation by lowering the cost of failure. This allowed companies (like Logentries) to get started on the… Read More

Introducing LEQL: SORT()


If you’re familiar with a query language like LEQL, you’re likely used to being able to sort your query results. When querying log data, sorting your results can come in handy when you want to analyze things like which Docker… Read More

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Do you need an Architect in a Software Company?


This may be a dangerous question to ask for someone whose role is that of an Architect, but I think it is a valid question for an Architect to ask. This is particularly true in the software industry where the… Read More

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Common Angular Routing Challenges


When it comes to frameworks, no one is perfect. As we migrate the Logentries application from legacy code to Angular, we’ve encountered a few interesting challenges along the way that we’ve enjoyed investigating and resolving. While specific challenges often depend… Read More

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Q&A with Sysdig’s Chris Crane + Upcoming Webinar


This Thursday, September 17th, we’ll be teaming up with Sysdig to explore “container monitoring as a microservice” – the practice of achieving deep, container-level insight while following microservice best practices. During the webinar, Logentries’ Co-Founder Trevor Parsons and Sysdig’s COO… Read More

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Tips for Optimizing your AngularJS app


AngularJS can have performance problems when you start to scale your application. You may notice that your AngularJS application works well at first but as it grows in complexity, so does its load time. Maybe it hangs for a second… Read More

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Best Practices for Container Log Analysis: Part 2


This 3-part series explores the challenges presented by containers and the advantages of using an end-to-end container log monitoring solution for complete container environment visibility.

When working with containers, setting up a local image repository like Docker’s Registry can enable… Read More

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Getting started with Docker, Google Container Engine & Logentries


There’s been a lot of industry buzz around Docker recently, with particular focus on its ability to streamline how companies manage their platforms.
With all this… Read More

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Integrating Logentries with OpsGenie: 3 Easy Steps


Real-time alerts are only as good as their ability to successfully reach their intended audience. If an alert recipient only checks email once every several hours, email alerts would not be well suited for real-time notification.

It’s for this reason… Read More

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Infographic: Mastering the Shift to Microservices


Microservice architecture is fast becoming a go-to solution for enterprise applications, but it’s not always easy to make the transition from an established, monolithic infrastructure.
Lightweight and loosely coupled, building a set of microservices is arguably more difficult than building… Read More

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