Logentries & New Relic Webinar: How to Create Your Modern DevOps Tool Kit

Auto-scaling environments, micro-service architectures and globally-distributed teams are just three common examples of why organizations today need automation and interoperability more than ever. But is interoperability something we simply start doing, or does it require a reexamination of our processes? And can we really improve our processes without first making interoperability a requirement for how we choose our tools?


Recently, Logentries hosted a webinar with New Relic, exploring how interoperability can be made possible through an intelligently complied DevOps toolkit. Over the course of the webinar, Logentries co-founder Trevor Parsons joined New Relic Sr. Director of Marketing reviewed today’s ecosystem of DevOps tools, discussed the challenges of achieving interoperability and shared specific examples of powerful tool integrations that extend tool functionality and enable true interoperability.

Highlights from the webinar include:

  • The power of end-to-end full stack monitoring
  • The impact of ChatOps
  • Integrations for tracking deployments
  • The importance of configuration automation

Missed the webinar? You can watch the full recording here.

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