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3 Predictions for Development in the Age of Serverless Computing

Probably the biggest change that has happened in my lifetime of programming is the transformation from  creating code that is meant to run on known, tangible hardware to making code that runs on the Cloud. We’ve gone from server based… Read More

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Hashing Infrastructures

Engineers in fast moving, medium to large scale infrastructures in the cloud are often faced with the challenge of bringing up systems in a repeatable, fast and scalable way. There are currently tools which aid engineers in accomplishing this task… Read More

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Logging the Lights in Your Home

It’s all the rage these days under the general heading of “Internet of Things” (IoT), but I have been a home automation enthusiast for more than 10 years now.  In the interceding time, I’ve done experiments and written about the… Read More

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Monitoring SNS Activity Using a Lambda Function and Logentries

Amazon Web Services Lambda functions are very cool. A Lambda function is a feature in Amazon Web Services that allows you to put a discrete piece of computing logic up in The Cloud and then access that logic to meet… Read More

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Webinar Recap: How to Easily Send and Use your IoT Data in the Cloud

Our webinar was broadcasted & recorded on May 25th 2016. During this broadcast Rapid7 Consulting Software Architect David Tracey discussed how to easily capture, aggregate, analyze and alert on your IoT data using Logentries.
Below is a brief summary of… Read More

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How To: Send Logentries Alerts to BigPanda

Working in customer support we are usually the first to receive feature requests, integration requests or recommendations. We would then relay this to our product team. But we often get requests that we can tackle ourselves whether this may be… Read More

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Webinar: How to Easily Send and Use your IoT Data in the Cloud

Rapid7 Consulting Software Architect David Tracey spends his days working on the Logentries product creating a Highly Scalable Log Storage, Analytics and Querying System with emphasis on introducing RESTful Architecture and APIs. David has published a series of blog posts… Read More

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How to Log from Azure Virtual Machines

You have evaluated the many IaaS providers out there and you have decided on Azure Compute.  Great choice! Azure is an ideal provider with broad support for various operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices. Azure also has… Read More

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Client Side Logging In Javascript

Developers are writing Javascript applications of increasing complexity designed to run in web browsers, on desktops, and on servers.  Javascript applications have reached a level of maturity that means they are running important business operations.  They must be more maintainable… Read More

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Infographic: What scares IT Professionals most about IT Infrastructure

Logentries surveyed IT Professionals identifying themselves as members of Information Technology Teams, Operations Teams, and Development Teams Asking them:
“What scares you the most about your IT infrastructure?”
The answers highlighted Security concerns, System Failure, Operational costs, and the complexities… Read More

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