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How to Analyze Heroku’s New Runtime Metrics

Heroku Labs, Heroku’s platform for providing “experimental features that are under consideration for inclusion into the Heroku platform”, recently launched log-runtime-metrics for “enabling visibility into load and memory usage for running dynos”. With log-runtime metrics, Heroku now inserts the following… Read More

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Introducing an Enterprise Logging Solution for Heroku Customers

Heroku is a well-known favorite amongst developers for quick and easy web app deployments that abstract away the hassle of managing and maintaining a hosting environment. Yet over the past year, I’ve heard from an increasing number of large organizations… Read More

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Listening to What Your Heroku Postgres Logs are Telling You

Debugging in development can be challenging enough when dealing with just your application layer. In production, the root cause of an issue could be hiding within one of several locations, including your database.
One of the many great things about… Read More

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Extracting Key Values from Any Log Format Using Regex Named Capture Groups

Logs are event streams that are constantly spewed from every application, server instance, mobile and IOT device. They contain valuable information pertaining to application errors, system performance, security, feature usage and more.
Likely, the biggest issue with getting value from… Read More

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Heroku Buttons Rock!

Heroku Buttons Rock

As one of Heroku’s beta users I had the chance to check out the new Heroku button gallery last week. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised.
Over the past few years, it’s fair to say Heroku have nailed… Read More

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Using Log Analysis to Find the .18%

using log analysis tools to search data

Even the most non-technical audiences realize the business value in analyzing their log data. DevOps professionals are constantly being asked to monitor their application performance, and often rely on log data for troubleshooting, diagnostics and application systems monitoring. The challenge… Read More

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Logentries Add-Ons for Heroku Environment pt. 1 – CloudAMQP

We recently announced our add-on program at Logentries, which allows third party vendors to send their log data to Logentries and to highlight important events for their users via our tagging, alerting and reporting features. This allows vendors to predefine… Read More

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Logentries Partner Add-ons Program

Last week we released our first research report, documenting how for a particular DevOps use case 99% of log data looked like signal noise. More precisely a given set of error codes that related to performance and reliability made up… Read More

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Dublin Web Summit Recap & In Defense of the 99.82%

Last week the team here at Logentries had a very busy week. We were invited to participate in the Dublin Web Summit, Europe’s largest tech conference with over 10,000 people streaming through the doors over the 3 days. We participated… Read More

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Digging into 22 Billion Heroku Log Entries…Forget Big Data, It’s the Little Data That Matters!

At Logentries we process over 10 billion log events every day. That’s quite a lot of data from quite a lot of systems…all being processed and analyzed by our cloud service. We realized that this puts us in a unique… Read More

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