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Backup Log Checks and What They Can Tell You

There is simply no substitute for a recent, accurate backup when it comes to recovering from file or system damage or outages. But that backup must be complete and error-free to make a full recovery possible. That’s why inspecting log… Read More

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Rsyslog TCP/IP log forwarding to Logentries with Netscaler

This guest post originally appeared on IBM developerWorks.
The aim of the article is to cover technical areas on how to load balance Rsyslog TCP/IP traffic from Redhat Server to Logentries (a third party solutions for real time log… Read More

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Where Are My AWS Logs?

Over my time at Logentries, we’ve had users contact us about where to find their logs while they were setting up Logentries. As a result, we recently released a feature for Amazon Web Services called the AWS Connector, which automatically… Read More

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Searching with Logical Operators

We’re proud to announce substantial improvements to our search functionality, providing you with a simple search language to perform powerful complex queries on your log events. You can now use AND, OR, and NOT to search for different combinations of… Read More

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How often should you look at your event and system logs? Daily, weekly, or just when there is a problem?

The motivation for this post came from a question on a Linkedin system administrator group this weekend, where the question was being asked:
“Do you look at your event and system logs daily, weekly, or just when there is a… Read More

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Logging on Linux (part 1…): I’ve got a bunch of linux boxes, what should I be looking out for in my logs?

While people generally understand that it is important to store and manage logs so that they can be regularly reviewed for operations, root cause analysis, security purposes etc… Oftentimes we find users struggle with figuring out where to start when… Read More

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