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Webinar Recap: Tableau Server Log Analytics

Our webinar was broadcasted & recorded on June 16th 2016. During this broadcast Tableau Zen Master Mike Roberts of Pluralsight discussed how to develop a simple technology stack for next-gen management of Tableau using Logentries. Mike was joined by Trevor… Read More

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Tableau Server Log Analytics: Easily Monitor Your Data Analytics Stack

Over a few short years, Tableau has changed the way employees use data to make better business decisions. Thanks to Tableau’s robust set of admin capabilities, administrators are now empowered to change the way traditional business intelligence software is managed.… Read More

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How To: Send Logentries Alerts to BigPanda

Working in customer support we are usually the first to receive feature requests, integration requests or recommendations. We would then relay this to our product team. But we often get requests that we can tackle ourselves whether this may be… Read More

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February Webinar Recap: Monitoring Business Critical Events

Our first February webinar was broadcasted & recorded on February 11th 2016, in conjunction with VictorOps. During this broadcast Jason Hand (VictorOps), Matt Kiernan (Logentries), and Justin Buchanan (Logentries) discussed effectively monitoring for business critical events and metrics.
Below is… Read More

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Logging from Tableau for Successful DataOps

Lately, we’ve been seeing a growing number of customers using Logentries in support of DataOps – the practice of collecting, normalizing and redistributing data throughout an organization so teams can make smarter business decisions. With teams ranging from engineers to… Read More

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Ditch the Debugger and Use Log Analysis Instead

Ditching the Debugger for Log Analysis This guest blog post is written by Matthew Skelton, Co-founder and Principal Consultant at Skelton Thatcher Consulting. Summary: As a Developer, you cannot attach the debugger to your application in Production, but you can use logging in a way that… Read More
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Logentries & New Relic Webinar: How to Create Your Modern DevOps Tool Kit

Auto-scaling environments, micro-service architectures and globally-distributed teams are just three common examples of why organizations today need automation and interoperability more than ever. But is interoperability something we simply start doing, or does it require a reexamination of our processes?… Read More

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A Beginner’s Guide to the DevOps Tool Arena—and Webinar!

Guest author Asami Novak is a content strategy and development manager at New Relic.
(This post is adapted from the original on the New Relic blog. For more tips and advice to help get your DevOps practice in gear, check… Read More

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Delivering Reliability with Logentries and Microsoft Azure

Today, we’re announcing our partnership with Microsoft Azure, making it easy to centralize and analyze log data from VMs and web apps hosted on Azure. One of the things we love about Azure is how easy it is to spin… Read More

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Getting Started with DevOps

John-Daniel Trask is the Co-founder and CEO of Mindscape, creator of Raygun, an error tracking tool that provides real-time tracking of software bugs and crashes that are happening in your applications.
You’re launching a new application. It’s exciting and you… Read More

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