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Using Logentries With Angular v1.5

(The post assumes at least a basic knowledge of Angular.  Angular is a very opinionated framework so make sure you have some experience with Angular before following the instructions presented below.)
Logentries can integrate into whatever Javascript framework you want… Read More

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Migrating a web app to Angular

At some point many applications get to a state in which a large refactoring or in some cases a complete rewrite needs to happen. The decision to do so can be driven by many factors. For example, the code base… Read More

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Combining AngularJS and ReactJS for better applications

If you’re a JavaScript developer, and know a little bit about the current state of JS development, then you’re probably well aware that there seems to be a new JS framework popping up every day. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed… Read More

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Tips for Optimizing your AngularJS app

AngularJS can have performance problems when you start to scale your application. You may notice that your AngularJS application works well at first but as it grows in complexity, so does its load time. Maybe it hangs for a second… Read More

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How to combine D3 with AngularJs

Last month,  Mark Lacomber wrote a post describing how to use D3.js visualization library at Logentries. I am following up to show how to combine D3 with the AngularJS framework. As we all know, Angular and D3 frameworks are very… Read More

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