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Rsyslog TCP/IP log forwarding to Logentries with Netscaler

This guest post originally appeared on IBM developerWorks.
The aim of the article is to cover technical areas on how to load balance Rsyslog TCP/IP traffic from Redhat Server to Logentries (a third party solutions for real time log… Read More

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How To Run Rsyslog in a Docker Container for Logging

I’ve been playing around with Docker this morning (read as I have followed their 15 min tutorial and have installed it on an Ubuntu instance – so I’m not quite the expert yet). I was initially interested in figuring out… Read More

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How to Configure Rsyslog with Any Log File; Agents Bad…No Agents Good…

Last week I wrote “In Defense of the Agent.” One of the main advantages of using agents is the ability to easily get the agent configured to monitor logs of any type no matter where those logs live on your… Read More

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